F A Qs

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. AllWAll hotDOGGOS handsewn products  offerwill abe repaired at no charge for the useful life of the product.

Can I wash my collar in the washing machine?

Yes, your collar is super durable. If you find your collar is becoming dull or is dirty, chuck it in on a low heat wash and dry outside in the fresh air.

Is my collar actually made of up-cycled bicycle tube?

Yes, you are saving this tube from its eternal burial ground in our Irish landfills and giving it a new use and purpose.

How can i recycle my bicycle tubes?

See our list of bicycle stores that collect used tubes and donate them to us here. If you would like us to start collecting tubes in your area, then please contact us at info@hotdoggos.com. We aim to increase our collection points to all of Ireland shortly.

My collar is too big or too small for my DOGGO.

That's OK. Just return it to hotDOGGOS, Ballinakill, Co. Laois, R32C9F2, send us an email with your sale number, the issue and we will happily replace or refund it within 14 days of purchase.

What features are on my collar?

Lots! We have a premium airplane style buckle which won't become undone. We have engraved D ring and adjustable buckle with your DOGGO's ID tag holder, amazing designs and colours and of course, a soft touch tube which is super comfortable on your DOGGO's neck.

Is my collar completely handmade?

Yes, from hand selecting suitable used tubes, washing, measuring, cutting, stitching and assembling them, each step is done by hand. Quality control at each step ensures that only the best collars reach your doorstep. Tubes are sanitized before working with them.

My collar has a hole in the bicycle tube!

We take great care in ensuring all collars that are sold pass the necessary quality checks. If for some reason one gets through please just contact us and we will be happy to exchange it for you.

Do you have a Return's Policy?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your collar after and up to 14 days from date of arrival then please contact us on info@hotdoggos.com with your sales order reference number, tell us what the problem is and we will refund or replace the item for you. It's our goal to work with you and to help and support you with your new product.

Note: A very small percentage of Medium and Large collars have a defective buckle whereby the the clasp spring springs backwards rendering it unfit. We are working with our supplier to resolve the issue. If you experience this issue with your collar please email info@hotdoggos.com or Instagram message @hotdoggosofficial and we will replace it with a new one. We aim to resolve this issue in the coming weeks.

The collar is showing as out of stock!

We try to prevent stock from running out and we will replenish out of stock items as soon as possible. Contact us on info@hotdoggos.com if you have any questions.

Do you deliver outside of Ireland?

Yes! We deliver worldwide. Select your country at the checkout to see our delivery rates.

Why do you look for my DOGGO'S name and breed?

We want to thank your DOGGO for the purchase. Our bicycle tubes come in slightly different widths so we will pick a collar most suited to your DOGGO.

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